On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Happy Tuesday! Here's some feminist news to start off your day.

  • Brad Paisley might be an accidental racist, or he at least sings a song about being one. [Jezebel]
  • This article from Feminist Wire re-examines the subject of black women's hair. [Feminist Wire]
  • JCPenney CEO and gay advocate Ron Johnson was fired and is to be replaced by his predecessor. Johnson supported Ellen DeGeneres as the spokesperson for the company and used gay couples in advertisements. [Advocate]
  • Michigan Governor Rick Snyder refused to get involved when a member of the state's Republican National Committee made offensive comments about gay people on Facebook. Instead, he made vague statements condemning discrimination and bullying. [Think Progress]
  • Today is Equal Pay Day—the day four months into the year when women have finally earned as much as men did in 2012. 

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Lakota Grandmothers attempted to present a petition to the UN

This morning, in NYC, Lakota grandmothers, elders, activists and non-Native supporters marched to the United Nations to raise awareness about the on-going atrocities and abuses perpetuated against the Lakota people and to demand a renewal the Lakotas' traditional matriarchal leadership as part of the Lakota Elders' Truth Tour. (Did you know that the Lakota people have traditionally been matriarchy-led? I didn't til this morning.)

They were told that no one was in the Secretary General's office. According to Lakota grandmother Charmaine White Face, they've been coming to the UN since 1984 and have yet to have their voices heard.

In the meantime, forced sterilization of Lakota women continues. The average life expectancy of 44-years-old. The rate of cervical cancer in women is 500% higher than the national average. More than 6753 Lakota children have been placed in foster care with non-Lakota parents. (A more complete list of injustices and atrocities can be found here.

You can find out more about the Lakota Grandmothers' Truth Tour here:

and in Florida, the Trans & Womyn's Action Camp stormed GEOGroup

Following the first east coast TWAC camp, activists stormed the office of private prison profiteer GEO Gruop. two folks u-locked themselves to lobby doors, keeping them open long enough for a crowd to enter and disrupt business as usual for GEO Group: