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On Our Radar: Coming Out, "Booty Pop," and Trans Women in Media!

Well, this has been an exciting week!

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Designing Women: Midwives, Class, and Choice

"A couple of weeks ago The New York Times ran an article that asked its readers, “are midwives becoming trendy, like juice cleanses and Tom’s shoes?” Turns out, yes. At least for “the famous and the fashionable.”

Although the article highlights an increased social acceptance of midwifery, the idea of midwives as being the marker of social status seems to diminish its value somewhat. My midwife, I thought, was an advocate, not…a fashion accessory. Still, the Times piece got me thinking. What might it mean that midwives have become the newest trend for the trendy?"

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On Our Radar: Coming Out, "Booty Pop," and Trans Women in Media!

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