On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the feminist news on our radar today.

• It's Veteran's Day—a good time to reflect on how reports of sexual assault in the military have risen sharply. [Guardian]

New York magazine features 26 women telling their stories of how they got abortions. [New York] 

• Maureen Dowd talks with comedian Sarah Silverman about the gender dynamics around aging in Hollywood. Silverman notes that she may have had kids "if I had a wife" who could take care of them while she's on the road. [New York Times] 

• Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito—who we discussed in a recent Douchebag Decree about his bullying of a teammate—is now also being investigated for molesting a black woman who volunteered at the Dolphins' golf tournament. [Ebony] 

• A major push to repeal Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law has been rejected. Instead, lawmakers are looking to expand the controversial law. [The Grio] 

• It's not that black women comedians aren't good enough for SNL, it's that the show can't handle them. [The Atlantic] 

• Feministing talks with Reproductive Coalition of Greater Los Angeles Director Juana Rosa Cavero. [Feministing] 

• If you're in Pittsburg, the Miller Gallery has a big exhibition up that examines the impact of riot grrrl on culture today. They're hosting a conversation Wednesday night called "Feminism and Race." [Miller Gallery] 

• Writer Katie McDonough tells Joss Whedon that, no, feminism is not a dirty word. [Slate] 

• Check out this in-depth investigation of how the Koch Brothers have been funding abortion restriction legislation around the country for years. [RH Reality Check] 

A chart showing how the Koch brothers have given money to anti-choice groups

What did we miss? Add your links to the comments.

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