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On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's what's on our radar today!

• Check out these five steps to prevent sexual violence that don’t blame survivors. [Statesman Journal]

• An investigation finds that immigrants in detention centers have no access to emergency contraceptive Plan B. [In These Times]  

• Clamor, an out-of-print independent magazine that provided “Your DIY Guide To Everyday Revolution,” is now available online! They’re also raising funds to make the archives more easily accessible. [Clamor and Indiegogo]

• Discrimination against the queer community didn’t disappear along with DOMA, and the acceptance of affluent, gay white men does not translate to justice for all queer people. [Autostraddle]

• The National Advocates for Pregnant Women is filing the first federal lawsuit challenging fetal endangerment laws on behalf of Alicia Beltran, a pregnant Wisconsin woman who was court-ordered into 78-day stay at a drug treatment center to protect her fetus from an addiction she had already ended. [Feministing]

• Feminist small presses are trying to bridge the gap in representation for female writers. To see the graphs on just how underrepresented women are in the literary community, check out the VIDA count from 2012. [Insider Higher Ed and VIDA]

• 12-year-old Madison Kimrey’s speech on getting back voting pre-registration for teens is nothing short of awesome. You can also read her accompanying blog post. [Functional Human Being]

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