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On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's what's on our radar today! 

• Umme-Hani Khan, who was fired by Abercrombie for wearing a hijab, has won her discrimination case. Abercrombie argued to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that their workers are not employees subject to regular employment law but actually "living advertisements." Nice try, jerks. [Today]

• Whitney Hills talks about her experience as a woman who works in the gaming industry. [Kotaku]

• According to Hanna Rosin, the patriarchy is dead and we're all just looking for something to complain about. [Slate] 

• What can we learn from the UN's study on the roots of sexual violence? [ThinkProgress] 

• dapperQ tackled the lack of diversity at New York Fashion Week by co-producing their own fashion show, representing "queer owned and operated brands designing menswear for masculine presenting women, gender-queers, and trans* identified individuals." [Autostraddle]

• The Shook Twins, who we loved at SXSW this year, kicked off their national tour by playing inside one of Portland's Caravan tiny house hotels. 

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