On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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Here’s what’s on our radar today:

• In the ongoing fight against Internet trolls claiming the web for their hegemonic gains, beware of faux feminist trolls spawned by 4chan. The notorious Internet swamp is targeting feminists of color via Twitter, and would like to think we haven’t caught on to their devious ways. [Death and Taxes]

• American Apparel has ousted its ultimate creepster CEO, Dov Charney, as the company investigates some sort of misconduct. [LA Times] 

• Gina Frangello navigates the Madonna-whore dichotomy in the literary world: “I’m not really sure how our culture has arrived at the mutually exclusive relationship between Motherhood and Sexuality, especially since in most cases, women become mothers by having sex.” [Buzzfeed]

• The anticipated movie Dear White People has a release date: October 17. [Colorlines] 

Six things to know about Monica Bonvicini, the Italian artist sculptor whose work deals with power and control. [Phaidon] 

• With a bumper crop of badass female punk and hardcore bands, why is Warped Tour’s gender ratio still so imbalanced? Turns out that one in six is plenty of women for the festival’s founder. [Wondering Sound]

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