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On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

• Over 200 young women were kidnapped from their school in northeastern Nigeria by a militant group two weeks ago. It is now believed that they have been ferried over to Chad and Cameroon. [BBC]

• Melissa Gira Grant lays out the connection the religious right holds between the anti-trafficking movement and crisis pregnancy centers. [Salon]

• YA author Malinda Lo discusses white writers writing outside their experience and why cross-cultural errors irk her so much. []

• Katherine Cross discusses anime's promising potential for progressive messages about society and gender—and how it's falling short. [Feministing]

• While many women gamers know the sexist score, a lot of guys still think there's no real violence or threat that goes on in gaming. At Polygon, Jonathan McIntosh breaks down the invisible male privilege of gaming. [Polygon]

 • Bill O'Reilly thinks that Beyonce is encouraging African American girls to get pregnant. Please, Bill O'Reilly, STFU and GTFO already. Thanks. [Think Progress]

• In Jay Smooth's latest video, he discusses "Three Things About the Donald Sterling Case" and looks at where racism and sexism collide. 

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