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On Our Radar: Feminist News Round-Up

on our radar

Here's what's on our radar!

• "The Supreme Court should see what I see": An abortion-clinic escort shares her story in the wake of McCullen vs. Coakley. [RH Reality Check]

• Sheila Bapat sums up what you need to know about the SCOTUS ruling on Illinois domestic workers. [TPM] 

• Put on your Hazmat suit—you're about to go inside the Men's Rights Activist conference that happened this weekend in Michigan. [MSNBC]

• Support Arizona State University professor Dr. Ersula Ore, who was arrested and assaulted by police for simply crossing the street. [Stand Your Ground]

• Meredith Talusan writes about how 45 years after Stonewall, the gay rights movement still has a transphobia problem. [The American Prospect]

• A recent report shows that there is a huge gender imbalance in laboratories—and it's not good for women in science. [Slate]

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To the article on the Men's Rights Conference: ???????????????????????????????????????

This particular group ...

Holding the "men's rights conference" consists of rank-and-file misogynists. That's why a "hazmat suit" is required for reading the aforementioned article.

Might I suggest using

Might I suggest using for the men's rights article? Let's not give that garbage any hate-clicks!

Do Not Link

Here, I did it for y'all:

Last thing we want is for this to pop up next time someone Googles "feminism"!

Men's Rights Article

I agree this article is garbage. Especially when it begins to describe rape culture on college campuses as a myth (what?!). But one line did catch me: "They argue that ... men are unfairly stereotyped as violent sexual predators." There have been many times when I've been walking home alone late at night and feel nervous/scared because of a man walking behind me, only to have him pass me and continue to his destination. Are these feelings irrational? Am I projecting these 'stereotypes' onto every man who walks by me late at night? Since feminism is all about equality and ridding society of unfair assumptions (I hate being stereotyped as a weak/passive woman in the workplace) am I being hypocritical?