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On Our Radar: Feminist News Round-Up

Here's what's on our radar today...

• There's plenty to still sift through in regards to Elliot Rodger and the Isla Vista kilings. Feministing has a great round-up of pieces looking at different angles of the hate-fueled shootings. [Feministing]

• Documents obtained from the Department of Homeland Security show that transgender passengers were subjected to higher scrutiny and security measures at TSA checkpoints. [Al Jazeera] 

• A new Tumblr, Journalism While Female, share anonymous (sometimes not) stories of sexism on the job. [JWF]

• Here's an idea for the next X-Men movie: An origin story for Storm. [Salon]

• Kiara Feldman looks at the tricky politics and changing nature of women's colleges matriculating trans students. [NY Times]

• Rookie mag talks to the fabulous Janet Mock about being a teenager, favorite authors, and pop culture. [Rookie]

• Mother Jones has compiled 11 of the demeaning, thankless, and often ridiculous things NFL cheerleaders have to put up with on the job. [Mother Jones]

• The Ada Developers Academy, a nonprofit software development school exclusively for women, is now accepting applications!

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