On Our Radar: Privilege Meets Video Games, Beth Ditto Meets The Dictator, and Feminism Gets PROBLEMATIC

Before you do anything this weekend, ask yourself: IS THIS FEMINIST? Then check out these links:

What have you been reading/writing this week?

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FDA & National Women's Health Week

Because of my research on women's reproductive health issues, postfeminism, and media, I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists and RSS feeds that I wouldn't normally see, including a few from the FDA. Early this week, one of those emails from the FDA told me that this is National Women's Health Week, and linked to a brochure commemorating the role of the FDA in promoting and advocating for women's health. Clicking through, I couldn't believe all the ways the agency was co-opting the work of women's health activists. So I wrote about it for re:Cycling.

I blogged about my c-section

I blogged about my c-section scar. My sister found it horrifying.