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Happy Friday! Before we get too happy hour-ed (yep, it's a verb) to remember, here's what we've been reading this week!

What have you been reading this week? 

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What I've Been Reading:

Cheryl Strayed and Antonia Crane, in this brilliant and deep conversation about feminism and sex work. A must read!

Great roundup, but

Great roundup, but "transsexual" is an adjective, not a noun!

Fixed it!

Thanks for the catch, RMJ!

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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Thank you for mentioning the

Thank you for mentioning the ASL version of "F*ck You," saw it on and died of awesomeness.


The "Womanist Musings" article definetly relates to Nadra's posting from a few days back about her friend who only wanted to date someone of her race. Though I disagree with Mayer's choice of words about his dick being "like a white supremecist" and his behavior is overall douchebaggety, I do think he has been caught up in a double standard. It isn't racist for Nadra's friend to want to date and produce within her race, but it is racist for John Mayer to want the same?

Anyway, good round up of articles!


Hi Mab,
First of all, thank you for making "douchebaggety" happen! I hope you didn't mean to type douchebaggery, because -baggety is SO GOOD!!
Second, there is a connection to Nadra's post, I agree, inasmuch as both are about racial preferences in dating. However, Nadra's friend seems to be pretty sensitive to the complexities involved in sexual attraction and interracial dating, but Mayer was downright flippant in namedropping white supremacy. His comfort level with the idea of being part white supremacist implies, to me, a propensity for racist thought. Separately, it also just bugs me that he, like so many famous people, thinks his penis deserves front page news. But I'm also totally willing to cop to my huge bias toward JM's douchebaggety (eh? eh?).

Douchebaggety indeed!

I liked and commented on the Womanist Musings posting. I mentioned this there and I'll mention it here: Am I the only one who was NOT a fan of John Mayer prior to his stupid comments about his dick? "Your Body is Wonderland" grossed me out way, way before he introduced his Klan dick to the world. If nothing else, I'm blissfully free of internal conflict about listening to John Mayer's music!

Um, and "Douchebaggety Klandick" is my new name for John Mayer.