On Our Radar: Michelle Obama, Paul Frank, and the Chicago Teachers Strike

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Re: Paul Frank

Looks like there has been an update to the Paul Frank story - and some hopeful and exciting changes being made complete with action steps for how to both prevent appropriate like this in the future and even work with Native artists in collaboration.


Mom in chief

Thank you for the link to this thoughtful piece. The flotus' identity and choices are so much more complex than has been discussed. She defies expectations and makes us question them. I think my feminist foremothers wanted me to have all of the choices available. I am a feminine, black, lesbian professional and I appreciate seeing what she is accomplishing now. Will she be mom in chief forever? No, the next chapters have yet to be written.

Laurie Penny's take on Vagina

I just wanted to thank you for posting the article by Laurie Penny in the New Statesman. When I first started reading reviews of the book my reaction was to want to handcuff Ann Coulter and Naomi Wolf together and make them have to share their performance pieces and air time. Sincerely. However, Penny's article moved me through the grieving process and incites me to act rather than react. Thanks!