On Our Radar: the Paralympics, It Gets Fatter, and RNC Eyerolls

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Brain, Child GONE!

So unfortunate to read that the intelligent magazine Brain, Child has ended after 13 years as a print magazine. It was a magazine for thinking, intelligent mothers (Well, parents. I knew a man that enjoyed reading it, too) that was not at all about the latest over-priced designer baby items, celebrity "baby bumps," and other articles shaming parents for not parenting enough. There was not much of anything else like Brain, Child around and it will be terribly missed by those who loved reading it. Had I known sooner that this would happen, I would have made more suggestions in Bitch's recent survey to feature more intelligent writing on parenting, through feminist lenses, of course.

I'm Jennifer, one of the

I'm Jennifer, one of the co-founders of Brain, Child. In August we sold the magazine to Marcelle Soviero and she plans to keep going strong, staring with the Winter issue. Here's the link: www.brainchildmag.com.

Great reading again, both in Bitch and B,C!