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I took Guardian's "Naipaul test" ( being able to tell the difference between a male and a female writer. I tested the test, submitting a variety of patterns of answers, and each time I got this result: "Sloppy thinking. You need to read more book by men." If you score less than a 4/10, the quiz results say, "What are you, a girl or something?" If you get a 10/10, it refers to you as a "Sir Vidia" and call you "sexually acute." Even if this is supposed to be "ironic," it's fucking gross.

And in honest answers, they all seemed about the same to me: human.

Oh wow.

I think they're trying to make fun of Naipaul by speaking in his voice, but it's "gross" indeed, given that many people are sure to share his misogynistic opinions and take the quiz seriously.

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