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My posts this week:

This week I posted my thoughts about Stephen Hawking's comments about heaven being a "fairy story" and my experiences being out as an atheist:

I also wrote a review of three job search and career guides:

Posts planned for next week include some poetry and a review of tonight's episode of Doctor Who.


I fell in love with Tegan and Sara's music in college; their tunes have been the soundtrack of many triumphs, heartbreaks, and important moments of my life. I was delighted to discover that in addition to being awesome musicians, they regularly speak up for the rights of LGBT folks in an intelligent and respectful manner. I read Sara's article a few days ago and, while I was saddened and disgusted by Tyler the Creator's tastelessness and insensitivity, I was even more proud of Sara Quin for speaking up about the impact that his irresponsible use words has. Never been prouder to be a TnS fan :) I was equally proud of Tegan when she protested against Prop 8 a few years ago.