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That NYTimes was the article writer thinking?

I understand that not everyone understands the nature of rape as badly as the victims do, but the amount of victim bashing and lackadaisical concern for the victim (as opposed to the eighteen boys who assaulted her) made me shake my head. Blaming the victim's mom for being neglectful? Blaming the girl for having supposedly suggestive outfits? Lamenting the fates of the eighteen perpetrators? Unbelievable.

The response article was pretty enlightening on how entertainment media has reduced rape to a "ratings sweep" commodity instead of treating it with the degree of seriousness of what it actually is: sexual torture. Of course, what's so ironic is that for the last decade, especially with "24", non-sexualized torture gets criticized heavily and is seen as socially irredeemable, and yet when it's sexual torture, aka rape, it doesn't receive anywhere near the amount of criticism that "real" torture receives. Pffh. I guess it's easier to demonize murder and torture, because it's not something that affects many people directly. But rape? With such prevalence, no wonder it's become sanitized in recent years.

In fact, this webcomic, despite its satiric take on the subject, perfectly describes how embedded rape is to our media conscience, most notably in TV.

P.S. By the way, the NYTimes link doesn't work. Luckily, the included response article has the updated link. Supposedly, this version has been edited somewhat to erase the really bad implications before, but this version still retains the face-palm worthy language of what