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On Our Radar: The Hunger Games, Santigold, and an All-Black Remake of Steel Magnolias

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Over at, there's

Over at, there's a great article talking about the whitewashing of The Hunger Games. I also recently read their discussion of an article by Ian Brown in The Globe and Mail (Canadian newspaper) that posits why men can't and shouldn't stop staring at women.

Racialicious linked to an article from The Atlantic by Teju Cole on the White Saviour Industrial Complex which is fantastic. They have a number of good links regarding Trayvon Martin too. I'm about to read their guest post analysis on diversity issues on The Walking Dead (which are plentiful).

There's also a hungergamestweets.tumblr,com that pointed me towards which is further to their article on the whitewashing of The Hunger Games - the hate directed toward the African American casting choices is outrageous and disgusting, but most especially toward the young woman (Amandla Stenberg) who plays Rue.

I've also read a article called "The 5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women" that is wholly based on conjecture (by a male) and doesn't raise anything really new but is a very easy-to-read entry point on the potentials reasons for misogyny. Worth taking a look.

RE: Over at

Thanks for the suggestions, all great topics to be covered!

Morgan Hecht 

Former New Media Intern

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