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Happy Monday! Here's what's been On Our Radar lately at Bitch HQ:

  • Nailing the majority of female roles in mainstream movies, the Vulture details the 14 most thankless female roles of the past year. Who would you add?
  • Keep up with Sady Doyle and the #MooreandMe campaign on her Sady's website, Tiger Beatdown. Still no word from Michael Moore, but Keith Olbermann knows a "frenzy" when he sees one...
  • We just got turned on to the Brooklyn Museum's current exhibition of female pop artists, now thru January 9th. This is for you, NY-based Bitch readers!
  • Speaking of NY, the New York Times Magazine blog posted about Geena Davis and her crusade for better female roles in children's movies. Newsflash: kids' movies are also sexist.
  • Bitch in a Box: THE VIDEO passed the 1,000 views mark on YouTube after less than 24 hours! If it's not on YOUR radar yet, become one of the NEXT 1,000 views here!

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Huh. Makes me wonder if the

Huh. Makes me wonder if the Vulture people watched the same Inception I did, and they linked to that horrid Emma Rosenblum text too. Huh. (to me, Ariadne was one of the best parts of the movie, and I didn't even use to like Ellen Page.) As for adding... this just makes me realize how pitifully few movies I watched this year.