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Another week has come and gone, and we've got it covered. Here's what we've been reading over at Bitch HQ:

  • Sesame Street has this fabulous video teaching black girls to love their hair. And in case you missed it when it came out, they ALSO have this hilarious spoof of those ridiculous Old Spice commercials. Oh, Grover. You're the only monster for me.
  • The New York Times published this troubling article on masculinities in fashion. Because acceptance of varying body types and gender roles is only cool when it's, you know, IN FASHION.  
  • Feministing highlighted the National Youth Advocacy Coalition's campaign to celebrate Fierce Queers—LGBTQ youth activists working for change in their lives and the world at large. Nominate someone you know (or yourself!) by Monday! 
  • A terrifying Estonian advert has two gorgeous women walking around in "Before" and "After" tank tops. As in, before and after liposuction.
  • Today is Black Poetry Day. Jupiter Hammon was the first published black poet in the United States, and his birthday was October 17, 1711. Read some here
  • An Australian couple on trial for obtaining an illegal abortion were acquitted, but the 111-year-old law they broke still stands.

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Muppet Power!

I don't have much to add right now, but as long as we're grooving on progressive Sesame Street bits, I've been revisiting this oldie-but-goodie...

Here's an interesting piece

Here's an interesting piece on the trend of female Republican candidates using emasculation to attack opponents.