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yoga pants!

yo! all wonderful things here - I read the mansplaining piece the other day immediately after I had a frustrating discussion w/ a male friend regarding sexual harassment. sigh. sometimes you don't need to play devil's advocate, male friend.

anyway, my quaint college newspaper published this yesterday: "When you wear yoga pants, I can see your vagina," [] Of course, everyone's frustrated and pissed off, and some lovely women are organizing a YogaPantsWalk (see what we did there? eh? eh?).

I wrote a response to his piece:

anyway, just yer average entitled-college-male-editor stuff.


Football and Father Fixations

My fellow beatches might like my post on the Penn State scandal at:

Speaking of Samhita of Feministing ...

... her, along with Pandagon Blogger and RH Reality Check contributor Amanda Marcotte, have started a podcast show called "Opinionated" where many matters of feminism are sure to be in regular discussions. Check out the premiere show at

... and speaking of RH Reality Check, if you believe in their mission of debunking right-wing lies about reproductive health and antichoice mythology, you should really consider supporting their outstanding efforts in doing so as they are becoming a fully independent 501 c3 organization (Just like Bitchmedia!) on January 1, 2012 For details, visit

Transgender Day of Remembrance

This week, I wrote a post about Transgender Day of Remembrance and how to be a trans ally:

Sarah Vowell fans rejoice!


Seems Sarah Vowell has joined "The Daily Show" as their "Senior Historical Context" correspondent. Check out her first feature here

Does this mean that the annoying Olivia Munn is finally off the show? One can only hope.