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Never fear, On Our Radar is here! We're rounding up some of the most interesting things we read in the feminist blogosphere!

  • HULK HERE TO SMASH GENDER BINARY! Audrey Bilger interviews the Twitter Phenom Feminist Hulk for the Ms. Magazine Blog.
  • Speaking of interviews with internet phenoms, Jeanne Sager talks to Jamie Keiles, the high school senior undertaking a month-long project wherein she follows all of the advice offered by Seventeen Magazine.
  • Tracy Clark-Flory writes on the "powerful message" about domestic violence UK Border Agency officials sent when they denied singer Chris Brown entry into the country.
  • Latoya Peterson responds to a New York Times article on the impact the geography of colonialism and the transforming acceptance of women of color have on fashion model scouting in Brazil.
  • Sociological Images' Lisa Wade takes us back to a time when men's magazines promoted masculinity through "tests of strength, cunning, and fighting ability" rather than consumerism.
  • In a world where "pop is feminine" and "rock is for dudes" Sarah Jaffe writes on coming around to the former on Feministe.
  • Steve Haruch investigates the difficulties faced by the 5% of music engineers and producers that are women for the Nashville Scene.
  • Sady Doyle offers some more thoughts on M.I.A. on Tiger Beatdown.

Find something that piqued your interest this week? Leave it in the comments section!

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Lady Gaga Defends Her One Fingered Salutes

A / Hollywood Gossip article posted photos of Lady Gaga in her studded panties and bra behind home plate at City Field in New York City: - both the back view and a front view in which she is seen giving one-fingered salutes with both hands. The article is titled Lady Gaga Defends Her Baseball Cheering Methods. Lady Gaga is quoted as saying "A middle finger is more New York than a corporate ambush. I bleed for my hometown, and I'd die for my fans".

Oops! Sorry.

Oops! Sorry. i should have read more carefully. That last article wasn't from the feminist blogosphere. Lady Gaga may well be a feminist but the article wasn't in a feminist blog. i feel like a dummy.