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Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Secret Brain Science of Desire

Each week on Oh Joy Sex Toy, intrepid artists explore some aspect of sex through comics. This week is a guest strip from R. Stevens and Actual Sex Educator Emily Nagoski who is a super cool lady writing a bunch about the science of sex and all this other stuff about sex.

The stars of this comic discuss how desire isn't just created by "turns ons" but a lack of "turns offs"—for example, not feeling obligated to have sex and feeling safe.

Read more Oh Joy Sex Toy comics from artist Erika Moen and others here on Bitch.

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I do find these educational, however, many of these comics seem to be very hetero-normative.
It would be nice to feature something for lesbians/bisexual women every now and then.

2nd that! It would have been

2nd that! It would have been nice to see some inclusiveness on the gender/sexuality side of things as these are universal topics.

I don't see this doctor, or any other doctor for that matter, tell us that there are significant and essential differences between the brains of cis-heteros and trans* and/or other queers. Otherwise great sentiment, really! Thought provoking as well.

Her comics feature gay

Her comics feature gay characters all the time! Her personal experience is obviously hetero so that is the perspective she personally writes from (should she go out and have gay sex just to be more inclusive?), but she often depicts gay characters also using the items she reviews.

Anyway, I thought this was a really interesting, but it was only a teaser. I'd like to learn more about turning off the breaks.

She's not exactly

She's not exactly straight...




Seeing/hearing other people have sex slams on my brakes. That's why I don't understand why anyone would watch porn. Of course, my brakes are always working a lot harder than my gas. (Being pressured to have sex by these websites sure doesn't help anything!)