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Oh Joy Sex Toy: Meeting the Family

Intrepid artist Erika Moen reports on a different aspect of sex each week in Oh Joy Sex Toy. This week gets a little sweet as she details going home for the holidays. 

a comic details erika going home for christmas and struggling with her mom not wanting her to sleep in the same bed as her boyfriend

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i love these comics so

i love these comics so much!!! thanks so much for being so awesome. this one is super great, but i love them all!

I can relate...

This was my mother's reaction when she found out I was staying over at my (now husband's mother's house)-- in the same bed.
I never brought him home, because I knew he would have to stay on the couch-- and I'm pretty sure, my mother would still make us sleep in separate beds even though we're married.



I love this! The irony (is it Alanis irony or the real kind, I never can tell) is they spend all your unmarried years trying to keep you from having sex and the second you get married they basically want you having sex all the time (any grandbabies yet? how about now? now? now?) . A couple of years ago my parents actually let 2 sets of unmarried couples share a bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world did not end, nor did the house explode, who knew? (not at the same time, that would have made something explode if only mom's head)

Oh boy, I can relate to this

Oh boy, I can relate to this so much right now. My boyfriend (also two years younger) will be coming to stay with my family beginning the day after Christmas. He and I moved in together about a month ago after over a year of dating, and my family is less than thrilled. My mom cannot understand why I don't want my boyfriend banished to the pull-out couch in the (no privacy) living room! Glad to know I'm not the only one with weirdo parents.

Ungrateful brats, you really

Ungrateful brats, you really couldn't spend one night apart out of respect of your parents? no sympathy there.

Or turning it on its head,

Or turning it on its head, why can't the parents respect that their ADULT children are you know...ADULTS? If I was staying at a hotel and they demanded that my partner and I sleep in different rooms I'd be out of there so fast there'd be a sonic boom. I would expect that people who allegedly love me are gonna give me the minimum level of respect that I'd expect from a random person I'm paying for the privelege.

Especially given that they

Especially given that they were in a very long-distance relationship with limited time together!

Surely you could have made

Surely you could have made your point without the name-calling. Would a little civility kill you?

That was my thought too. Poor

That was my thought too. Poor babbies

It would be one thing if they

It would be one thing if they had asked to stay there, but they had other arrangements for lodging and her mother was being completely manipulative and disrespectful. It's not about not fooling around. LDRs are hard work and even just having nonsexual physical contact (cuddling in bed) can make putting up with holiday drama worth it.


My parents went through something similar with my dad's family... only it was after they were married. It was never much of a secret that they didn't like my mother (she was Catholic!), and when the newlyweds visited over Labor Day weekend, they were met with twin beds.
Mom didn't visit again for 20 years.