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New (Old) Article: The Rise of the Sexist Media Stunt

We hope you're as excited about our new web layout as much as we are. But just because our blogs are taking center stage doesn't mean you can't continue to access our other content, such as podcasts, videos, and magazine articles. And we've just uploaded the Old issue's "Target Women: The Rise of the Sexist Media Stunt" by TheFrisky writer Jessica Wakeman, which analyzes the various articles that jerk our feminist knees simply because they're so ignorantly infuriating (look no further than Spencer Morgan's Douchebag Decree to see that his Sexist Media Stunt on "The Cheetah--the cougar's younger niece" worked). And don't forget you can browse Bitch magazine articles--recent and archived--on our articles page or by issue.

Love what you're reading here? Then you'll love Bitch magazine. The reviews are snappy, the analysis in-depth, the writers are downright sharp, and the illustrations so often belong in a frame that you'll have to move over other artwork.

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