New issue, new articles! A hot sampling from the Action issue

If you haven't gotten the Action issue of Bitch yet, or if for some bizarre reason you're not a subscriber, here's three offerings from the magazine on our website. Read 'em as a break from shorter pieces on the web, post 'em to your various Twitter-book-pages, and leave your insightful comments, and all that fun tech-y stuff you can't do with a paper copy.

And now, feast your feminist eyes on "Lavender Menaced" which discusses the changing use of the word "lesbian"; Queers on the Run, an interview with Eric Stanley and Chris Vargas of Homotopia and Criminal Queers; and finally "Eat, Pray, Spend," a feature on priv-lit (and I'm guessing you can tell which popular bestseller falls into that category).

Visit our Articles page for these stories, plus more from the Bitch magazine archives!


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