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Naomi Klein and French Journalist Jade Lindgaard on the climate summit

Besides being Operations Director here at Bitch Media, I'm an activist on climate and globalization issues. So needless to say I'm a big fan of author and super-activist Naomi Klein, and have been closely following her dispatches from the UN climate mega-summit in Copenhagen, which has been miserably failing at coming up with a just and scientifically viable post-Kyoto agreement.

I thought I'd share this illuminating (if laryngitis stricken) interview she and French journalist Jade Lindgaard had this morning with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! where she discusses the US position and Hilary Clinton's statement's at the conference this morning.

(There's more details on the big story Jade Lindgaard broke earlier today at The Nation's website.)

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I do love this woman and I

I do love this woman and I do share her ideas, view and thoughts. It seems to me that Naomi is a great intellectual responsible for a lot of activism.In an interview she said:
"I'm not a utopian thinker, I don't imagine my ideal society. I don't really like to read those books, either. I'm just much more comfortable talking about things that are."
Not to be up in the clouds, but to make some concrete steps.