Marimacho Seeks Hunky Heartbreakers!

The super stylish folks at Marimacho—the masculine clothing line for cis women and transmasculine bodies—are launching a new Tumblr! To kick things off, they're hosting a Hunky Heartbreakers photo contest and they want YOU to submit your hunkiest pics! From Marimacho:

Aspiring hunks can submit a picture of themselves modeling their individual masculine style. Every week Marimacho will pick the best submission to feature on their Tumblr as the Hunky Hot Shot of the Week. The top three best-dressed Bois will receive Marimacho swag! First Place wins a Marimacho Beau Tie, Second Place wins a Belt Buckle and Third Place wins a T-Shirt. Winners will be announced on Valentine's Day.

That means that for Valentine's Day this year you could win yourself one of these beauties (beau-ties!):

brown and white beau tie from Marimacho
The "Engine Driver" Beau Tie

Visit the Hunky Heartbreakers contest page for submission details, and you could win a spot as the Hunky Hot Shot of the Week! Warning: The competition is pretty fierce so far. Check out the unstoppable style of Sugi, last week's Hunky Hot Shot Winner:

Sugi from Hunky Hot Shots wearing glasses, a beanie, a button-up shirt and a vest

If your style trends toward the "combination of dandy fashion and urban motifs" that's Marimacho's specialty, send them your photo and win some swag! Good luck, you Hunky Heartbreaker you!

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cool, but...

I like their styles, but it would be nice if their sizes went beyond a Size 16 women's. I know lots of attractive, dandy folks with swagger who are much more generously proportioned than Marimacho's clothing.


I agree, CQ. They're a new company, so hopefully bigger sizes are on the horizon!

For the contest (if I understood the rules correctly), you can wear your own clothes, and my guess is that the bow ties and belt buckles are one-size-fits-most, so Hunky Heartbreakers of all shapes who are interested should enter and get more sizes represented!

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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Marimacho size offerings

Hi CQ,

Since our launch, we've received countless e-mails about larger sizes and are working on expanding our size offerings. We actually had a pretty ambition sizing scheme in mind when we first set out, but found that we wouldn't have the time or the resources to make it happen with our first collection. Being able to dress the diverse bodies of our communities is an important mission for us and we hope we will be able to provide that soon.

As for the photo contest, folks can wear whatever they want. We encourage people of all sizes and genders to participate.

Crystal González-Alé
Co-Founder, Marimacho


dissappointing that Bitch mag post something like this.
what, since when are trans-women excluded from wearing butch clothes?
is this a political statement from "The super stylish folks at Marimacho" or i hope some kind of wierd typo from Bitch mag?

cis women and transmasculine

Hi Lia,

That was a quote from the folks at Marimacho, but if you read the second part of it you'll see that Marimacho designs "masculine clothing line for cis women and transmasculine bodies" (I understand transmasculine in this context to mean trans people of all genders who like to wear masculine styles—more here: They are absolutely not excluding trans men or women and in fact got started in the business precisely because they wanted to see more of a range of fits for more of a range of bodies in fashion (from their website: "In this way, we offer cis women, trans men and gender queer folks the same standards of fit and style available in mainstream menswear."). As far as I can tell, they don't discourage anyone from wearing their clothing because of gender identity.

Sorry if that wasn't clear!

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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Marimacho and trans inclusion

Hi Lia,

Let me assure you that Marimacho does not discourage anyone from wearing our clothing or entering our photo contest. In our company description, the qualifier “cis” was added to “women” based on some feedback we heard from several trans women asking us to be more clear about whose needs we were truly serving with our current offerings. The fit of our clothing—“classic masculine garments with narrower armholes and necklines, shorter sleeve lengths, more bust room, etc”—is designed with FAAB (female assigned at birth) bodies in mind. While we are happy to have anyone wear our clothing, we cannot really claim to serve the needs of trans women. To be honest, Ivette and I have gone back and forth quite a bit on having “cis” in our description. Who is to say that narrower armholes and more bust room wouldn’t be great for some trans women? Those same details might be completely wrong for some trans men (or cis women for that matter). This is what we’ve settled on for now, but we are happy to get additional feedback on our language.

In the future, we hope to expand our offerings to fit a wide array of bodies. We are currently working on launching a made-to-measure service. This would allow us to create clothing for virtually anyone, regardless of body and/or gender. Please continue to follow us as Marimacho grows and improves. Our goal is to eventually offer gender-appropriate clothing for all kinds of bodies.

Crystal González-Alé
Co-Founder, Marimacho

P.S.: Thanks to Kelsey for posting about our contest and fielding comments.