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Lady Business: Until Next Time and Thank You

The weird thing about being a writer in this day and age is that you instantly know when people hate what you produce and when they love it.

So, I was really relieved that the fabulous editors at Bitch Media liked my idea about writing about business enough to let me offer a little advice and share some of the things I'd noticed about the intersection of women, money and business over the years. I was not prepared for how much fun it would be to write about business and work, something I have been consumed with and thinking about since I was 14 years old.

I'm not even trying to humblebrag: Even though I've been a self-help business writing geek for a long while now, I had no idea that writing about money, feminism, and our unpredictable working world could be so fun.

It has also been a blast guest blogging for a publication and website that has reminded me over the years that the real stories at the intersection of feminism and popular culture are important enough to be told. In a 24/7 news cycle geared toward tearing women down or making us feel unworthy on multiple levels, to find a safe intellectual space with likeminded feminists is a beautiful, rare, and amazing privilege.

I've always known the print magazine readers were a brilliant bunch, and now I know the same is true for Bitch's web audience. I'm looking forward to reading what some of you might even contribute in the future.

In the meantime: Remember not to settle for less than you deserve, at home or at work. Whatever brings you joy and money to live (maybe it's just the money to live...that's cool, too), make sure that you make it work for you and not the other way around. Until next time, keep giving 'em hell.

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Thank you! I've really

Thank you! I've really enjoyed the series :)

Thanks for this series! I've

Thanks for this series! I've been a long-time fan of your contributions to the magazine and followed this blog faithfully. Where else might we be able to follow your work?

Alyx Vesey

Hi, Alyx

Thanks for this and for reaching out! I'm blogging now most consistently about being a single and happy woman at:
But I'm working on being better about posting all of my work at my main blog at

Thanks for reading.