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Ladies Talkin' 'bout Sex


Throughout recent history, society at large has stereotyped ladyfolk as demure and pure certainly not interested in The Sex (save for sluts, a shameful variety of the ladyfolk who *gasp* enjoy having sex, sometimes even before or outside of marriage). Well, the female musicians and bands that follow give tired sex-related gender roles a big ol' slap in the face with unabashed lyrics and straight-up badassness.

"I Just Want to Make Love to You" -- Etta James

Let's start simple. Etta just wants to make love. To you. Okay, okay, it doesn't seem like a super-revolutionary song nowadays. But it's a step in the right direction--toward women asserting their sexual desire without shame. No?

"Let's Talk About Sex" -- Salt-n-Pepa

This trio of women makes a bit more of a blatant message, focusing on open communication and safe sex. And who doesn't love an early '90's hip-hop hit?

"Healthy Sex" -- Lactatious

While we're on the topic of safe sex promoted by all-female hip-hop groups, how about some Lactatious? Forming in our very own Portland, Oregon, these three know what's what when it comes to protection. Aww yeah.

"Hot in Herre" (cover) -- Jenny Owen Youngs

In what is perhaps my favorite cover of a hip-hop song to date, JOY encourages us all to take off all our clothes.

"Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above" -- CSS

CSS isn't comprised solely of women but front woman Lovefoxxx coauthored "Let's Make Love..."

"La Familia" (remix) -- Mirah

A bit less explicit slash slightly more euphemistic than some other songs on here, but how could I possibly leave out Mirah?

"I Touch Myself" -- Divinyls

This 1991 hit may not have been the first pop song about masturbation, but it's arguably the most obvious.

"Fuck the Pain Away" -- Peaches

Last but certainly not least, I present you with the queen of gender-bending and sex-centric lyrics, Peaches.

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so old old school! but very

so old old school! but very cool! :)