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Know about New Moon for girls?

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Gruver, founder of New Moon, a magazine aimed at girls ages 8 to 12. New Moon is great – they're ad free, have girl editors and writers. They have a girl blog. Oh, and they're also based in Minnesota. 

Today in my inbox was a message from Nancy sharing the news that on September 1, they'll be launching New Moon Girls web community – like the magazine, it'll be ad free, girl-driven content. In the meantime, they're trying to raise money.  

Help them out, won't you?  It's a rare thing to find media aimed at building up girls' self-esteem rather than tearing it down. 

Here are a few easy things you can do: 

  • Purchase an annual subscription – 6 issues of New Moon Girls magazine – for a girl (or girls) you love.

  • Purchase an annual subscription of New Moon Girls magazine for your local library or school in your name
  • Purchase an annual subscription of New Moon Girls magazine as a gift for a girls' organization in your community such as your local Girl Scout troop, YWCA, or Women's Shelter

You can do that by going here.  

And please, spread the word! 

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sweet post.
the new moon girls web community sounds like a grrreat idea.

i love new moon!
and i would love to share it with girls i know and love.


Debbie - meeting was a mutual pleasure. And thanks for spreading the word. We love bitch and our members are your future members (and their moms, aunts, etc.). We're all in this together!

Nancy Gruver