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Just for Fun: Puppy Bowl Comic!

I love watching sports.

But watching them with other people is an exercise in frustration. Either I just want the commentary to stop so I can watch the game and eat chips in peace, or I'm bored because there's nobody to commiserate with. And now that there are ads for Super Bowl ads, commentary on the commentary, and friends on bombarding social media with complaints from "I hate the industrial sports complex" (which, I agree, is completely fair!) to "stop hating on me because I like sports" (also fair!), I just couldn't handle watching the whole Super Bowl spectacle this year.

Yesterday, I saw a long string of comments from like-minded friends who decided to check out of the big game and watch the Puppy Bowl (or at least clicked over sometime during the power outage).  In the past, the production has been refreshingly low-budget and provides less sensory overload. PLUS PUPPIES! I watched the Puppy Bowl and made this comic about it for those of you who are similarly fried from the non-stop supercoverage. 

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