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International Museum of Women Redefines "Museum"

to a world where women rule! We invite you to read the untold stories
of women claiming and exercising their power around the world and
throughout history. Here you'll find art, poems, podcasts, video, and
inspiring examples of women from all walks of life working to better
themselves and their communities.

With an introduction like that, is it possible to even resist?  The International Museum of Women is one of the newest resources for women and political engagement on the internets.  They have recently completed their site, a beautiful make over, which numerous multi-lingual links, rich global perspectives on environment, appearance, power, and religion, (just to name a small sample) and even includes a toolkit for taking action.

I can't stress the depth of possibilities of education within this site and it is most definitely worth your frequent revisiting this weekend and beyond.  There is a plethora of prolific writing, reporting, and interviewing available on this site and, as a new visitor, look forward to digging up the museum's deepst treasures. Not your usual musky-scented, quiet museum space, eh?

Here's to great weekend reading, cheers!

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