I Can Has Feminizm?

Happy weekend! Happy Feminsit LOLz! At the Bitch Office we're in the final throes of preparing our much-anticipated fall issue! We're totally stoked about the new layout and think you will be too! We know this guy is:

For those of us terrified of going outside in the summer heat and prefer to stay home with the AC cranked and the television on, being a couch potato, especially a feminist couch potato, can still be a headache.

And this bunny is just really, really cute and tiny.

And as always, if you've got an idea for a feminist LOLz, you can make your at I Can Has Cheezburger and send 'em to us here!

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Upcoming Issue of Bitch Magazine

All my best wishes for increased circulation and success with the upcoming issue of Bitch Magazine. Your unique mix and variety of much needed smiles, comic relief, and oft needed tough feminist viewpoints are appreciated. Those of us who have suffered the consequences of oppressive and discriminatory policies welcome the harsh light of media attention being cast on bigotry. Thanks for the smiles and mental stimulation.


That means a lot to us!

I have to share this lolcat submitted by Amanda:

Kjerstin Johnson, editor-in-chief
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