I Can Has Feminizm?

Can you believe women still aren't allowed to ski jump in the Olympics? Good thing the campaign to include a women's ski jump event in the 2014 games is already underway. And this kitteh is going to be ready:

Inspired, no doubt, by this video:

Go kitteh, go! We'll see you in the 2014 games yet. If you ever feel like making a few feminizt LOLz of your own (and we know you will), visit the I Can Has Cheezburger? LOL Builder and send 'em our way. Kthxbai.

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I can't believe there are still Olympic sports that are men-only! That's so beyond not OK that I can't put it into words. Is ski jumping the last one or are there others? The campaign should be for total equality, not just ski jumping - the rule should be if men have an event, so do women.

well i believe that women

well i believe that women should also be given chance.
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What about boxing in the Summer Olympics?

Is that still a men's-only Olympics sport, or can women box in them now? Wondering.

As far as I know....

Women are scheduled to take part in boxing at the Olympics in London, 2012.