I Can Has Feminizm?

Hey Bitch fans! You know we have a brand new issue out, right? Well, these cats (and dogs) are in the know, and they are so happy they're using the only medium out there that could properly express their animal joy to tell you about it: LOLz.


Aww, that kitteh likes the cover of the magazine! But some of us don't read Bitch front to back:


That pup has the right idea, especially since the Art/See issue has a Feministory comic by Laura Ellyn! Nothing wrong with starting from the back. But what else are these LOLz luvin?


The Bitch List! Of course! You can tell that that cat likes her feminizt recommendations all in one place. Of course, the new issue has longer features as well...


Like a Q&A with Farai Chideya! That doggeh is diggin it.

So grab your copy of Art/See today – just be sure to share it with your feminizt LOLz.

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