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Humanizing animal rights

Several weeks back PM Press sent a video to Bitch for review. It sat in my inbox for weeks, because I knew would break my heart. It's called Behind the Mask: The story of people who risk everything to save animals. I finally watched it, partly out of obligation, partly because I wanted to share it with others. As you can probably guess, many moments are excruciating. Watching a researcher laugh at a monkey flinch and flail as he electrocutes her, watching a researcher pummel punch a beagle in the face... There are no words. 

But amidst all of that -- and fortunately taking up much more film time -- are stories of and interviews with some incredibly committed, amazing, inspiring people. For people unfamiliar with animal rights activism -- or especially for those whose minds immediately conjure up masked "terrorists" -- it offers an incredibly humanizing and touching look at why they risk their lives for the sake of animals.  





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