Happy Valentine's Day from Bitch!

Hey Bitch fans! It's Valentine's Day, and whether you and your main squeeze have a romantic evening planned, or your romantic evening consists of drinking beers on the couch and passing out in front of the Winter Olympics (we've heard some people do that...) you can count on Bitch to be your Valentine. Look! We even got you a present:

So have a great Valentine's Day! And if you aren't in the romantic mood, remember that Eve Ensler's V-Day Organization hosts events all over the world today to support an end to violence against women and girls, and that's a cause we can all get behind. And never forget that shit, you is fine.

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Haha - that teddy bear's

Haha - that teddy bear's awesome! Wish I could find it. Then I've give them out to all my friends - even the dudes.