Guess who was on The Colbert Report last night?

We were! In the 'Nailed 'Em' segment on Radical Knitting.

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Tip of my hat!

This is so exciting! In my daydream of this shooting, Stephen Colbert is the one who brought the copy of Bitch and asked this woman to hold it, because it is his favorite magazine. Sigh.

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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I'm pretty sure that's what happend...

Yes. That's exactly what happened. :)

Take note: Opinions expressed are those of their respective authors, not necessarily those of Bitch. Dig?

Amazing ...

I rarely miss Daily Show/Colbert Report ... so this was a treat, indeed!

Woo Hoo!

Congratulations to all at Bitch magazine: I watched the rerun on tv last night just to see it on the big screen! So how did Colbert get a copy do you think?


Wow, guys. This is what we call being "on" a show?

I will be impressed when we are actually featured in the spotlight. (hint, hint, shove, shove)

Knitting is so subversive

Knitting is so subversive that you can't even knit on a plane these days.