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Get Ready Portland: It's MusicFestNW!

If you can hear a band tuning up outside your office window right now, you know what time it is: MusicFestNW Time!

MFNW blue illustration of a cityscape with people in a building looking like they're dancing

One of the largest indoor/outdoor music festivals in the country, this year's MusicFestNW lineup is admittedly a bit of a sausage fest (hey there, music industry!) but if you dig around you'll see it also includes feminist faves like Big Freedia, Quasi, Tender Forever, and Against Me! (Besides, a sausage fest with Beirut, Passion Pit, and J Mascis on the menu is a pretty fun sausage fest at least.)

Tickets and wristbands for the festival are still on sale. Let's rock!

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