File Under: Oh My Freaking God

"Do you suffer from embarassing dark or discolored intimate areas"...reads South Beach Skin Solutions pitch for their "Lightening Gel For Sensitive Areas." Teeth whitening products seem positively provincial next to this product for...ahem...assholes (sorry, there's just no delicate way to put that). Folks, "Don't be fooled by other products claiming to be for anal bleaching"...this is the only solution for that troublesome area! This may be the first time I am actually suffering from too much shock and bewilderment to feel actual offense at this very moment. (Via Daily Candy)

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i think some ppl need to

i think some ppl need to lighten that region,

personally my husband doesnt like the discoloured look, so im trying to lighten mine... its much darker than my natural skin and even some parts are yellowish... it looks horrible

i think if u put make up on, pluck ur eye brows, and do what ever else girls do these days, i think bleaching down there isnt any different.. except that its ur anus....

dont see why ppl are so 'shocked'