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Fight the Power! Chuck D. Wants More Women in Rap, Too

Apparently I'm not the only one thinking about the lack of women in hip-hop this week. Last night Starpulse posted a brief quote from Chuck D., front man for seminal rap group Public Enemy who has now become a producer, author and living legend. Chuck has apparently decided that this year he will focus on promoting female artists, songwriters, and executives in the hip-hop scene, beginning with his own signees, Creww Girl Order. I'm sure part of this is just the work of a label head promoting his new talent, but talk like this from one of the most notable names in rap can only help.

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Rap any more that...

Besides, if at first the rap was protest poetry, a voice of slums, city bottoms now it has regenerated in any glamour pop-music, the American equivalent of "the French chanson", with that only a difference, that in clips of modern rappers on a background twirl by backs busty "chocolates" or goats aforementioned basketball players skip.