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End of Gender: Gender Jams

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! came out as transgender last week and set off a media firestorm.  While you anxiously await the next Against Me! album, here's a genderpocalyptic playlist of songs by trans and gender-nonconforming artists for gender-bending jammin' on every occasion.

Genderpocalyptic Playlist

"Fagette" by Athens Boys Choir

"In the End" by Justin Vivian Bond

"Bluesman" by Novice Theory

"TN Tranny Two-Step" by Actor Slash Model

"A Guy Named Joe" by Coyote Grace

"Got Monsters" by Mina Caputo

"Third Gender" by Good Asian Drivers

"Revolution" by All the Pretty Horses

"I Ain't Taking No Shit" by Big Freedia

"Shark Attack" by Schmekel

"She Walks Away" by Lipstick Conspiracy

For more information about the lives of transgender and gender-nonconforming muscians, check out the transfabulous rockumentary Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Musical Performance.

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