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Dog Show!

The New York Times continues to kill with its abundance of dog coverage. The weekend brought a look at the four new breeds making their debut at the mighty Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show; today, there's a piece in the Sports section on the various dynasties of Westminster-winning dogs. (Warning: If you don't want to hear anything about chilled canine semen, stay away.)

I happen to love watching dog shows, despite the fact that the actual ethos of them makes me a little uncomfortable, and the aesthetics of them makes it that much worse — so much thick, nude pantyhose! But oh, the doggies. They can't be denied. They can, however, be TiVoed — I'm going to see Super Furry Animals tonight, so the other super furry animals will have to wait until tomorrow. My guess: It's gonna be the Bichon. Those freaky little things always take it.

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Patty Hearst and French Bulldog win!