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Dark Noise: our Third Podcast

1284771175_4b5a578aaf.jpgBitch's third foray into the world of podcast continues! Hot off the hard drive, our Dark Noise episode (inspired by both our Loud and Noir issues) features new segments such as "Ask Your Cervix," tween delight over a Twilight premiere, interviews with two female metal rockers, and no podcast is really complete without honoring Dolly Parton, as featured on the first ever Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame. Plus, Twin Cities trio Gospel Gossip provides the soundtrack. So go ahead and press play, right-click to download , or import to iTunes…that is, if you're not too afraid of the dark! Haw...

Download here

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loving the new podcast

Really nice work. Love the content, the music, the hosts. I gave your podcast five stars on iTunes :)