Nick Friedman is the first male editor of Scholastic's Parent & Child, a magazine whose readership is 85% women the New York Times reports. Apparently, most magazines are run by the gender they intend to cater to (BTW, non-bitches need not apply!), and while homemaker mags have been run by dudes before (Good Housekeeping was founded by Clark W. Bryan in 1885), there seems to be a "mommy club" that men remain outside of.

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I'm not a parent, but...

If I were to be reading this magazine, I'd actually think there should be BOTH a male and female editor. I know, I know. You can really only have one editor for a magazine. But there are Editors-in-Chief and there are assistants. In my little undergrad magazine on campus the assistant EIC did the bitch-work (no pun intended) and the EIC was big daddy or big mommy. But I see nothing wrong with a male running a parenting magazine: they ARE parents too, after all. Some are great fathers and don't get enough recognition for the things they do. There are also some women that don't get the credit they deserve for being great moms. But yes, I agree that mommyhood can be a bit elitist and very competitive and not every mom deserves recognition. Just like not every dad deserves recognition: there are a lot of shitty parents out there. Again, I don't read this magazine, but I've seen it and I'd like to see more dads in there. Women are always harping about how men aren't involved's their space. I don't think it should be a special thing that a male is the editor: I think he should be right alongside the female editor; you know, co-editors-in-chief. Maybe this way, mommyhood wouldn't be so elitist and gender-role-constrictive. We'd get to see both sides of the parenting spectrum. Parenting isn't just about 'mommy,' nor should it be. Nor should a magazine be, unless it was specifically targeted for moms, which I believe this one isn't.

That "need not apply"

That "need not apply"