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Chicks (not girls) in Detroit


Saturday night in Detroit was a night of animals. I wanted to share some photos because I imagine many people don't think of farms when they think of Detroit. So. First I visited some chicks at the TrumbullPlex, where Sunday's discussion was to take place (more on that later).  

chicks not girls

Alice the cat lives upstairs from the chicks.  


After that, I visited the volunteer-based farm, attached to the Catherine Ferguson Academy, a school for pregnant and parenting teens. I milked goats and played with barn cats. I never knew how much goats love to love. Amazing. 

jess and the goats

And I keep passing this on the street.  It seems to fit nicely with the night of animals...


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I love farms!

I work on one and milk goats. I like milking goats better than the angora goats I worked with before because the former interact more with humans and are very friendly, as these pictures attest. They give goat kissies and the goat equivalent of a huggy, which is basically them leaning on you.

Also, the LaMancha looks very disgruntled by the flash; either that or she's just not quite photogenic.