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Calling all interns!

Calling all interns!

Are you interested in a life of adventure and excitement? Do you care about feminist politics and popular culture? (You are reading this blog, so you probably do.) If you said yes, then how about applying for an internship here at Bitch?

We are currently on the prowl for a fabulous intern to work in publishing community outreach here in our office in beautiful NE Portland.

Although we remain unpaid, Bitch interns do get the chance to learn everything there is to know about the magazine from the inside out. Plus, it's fun! For more information on this and other Bitch internships, click here: We are hiring on a first come, first served basis and interviews are happening as we speak. Apply today!

Love what you're reading here? Then you'll love Bitch magazine. The reviews are snappy, the analysis in-depth, the writers are downright sharp, and the illustrations so often belong in a frame that you'll have to move over other artwork.

If you don't have a subscription to our award-winning 80-page quarterly magazine, it's definitely time to start one.


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Inquiry about internship

What are the starting/ending dates for these internships?

Internship dates

These internships are starting more or less immediately.

Often (but not always!) our internships follow our production cycle, starting in the middle to end of the month in November, February, May, and August.

If you have specific questions, the best thing to do is contact us! (We can't always read every comment on the discussion boards!)

~ Brian

Brian Frank, Bitch Media's Finance and Technology Director

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