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BitchTapes: Under Pressure(s)!

I've been feeling kinda stressed lately—and it shows with my BitchTapes mix. I collected a group of tracks about the external pressures we deal with day-to-day. You know, stuff like: Am I pretty enough? Tough enough? Smart enough? and on and on. The genres I've chosen are each so different, but the themes all come back to same stuff we all deal with at some point in our lives. Have a listen:

Not One of Us
, Peter Gabriel
It could be about being on the outside of any mainstream world, but for
some reason, I contextualize this track with Gabriel's native, UK and
the attitudes of many 'Native' British about newer immigrant groups. This track is from the point of view of the 'pressure' itself—those who are judging you!

Baby Phat, De La Soul
A love song from a man to his gal about how he loves her body as it is.

, Komeda
All the stresses of being a 'lady' as told to us by Lena Karlsson

Self-Made Man
, David Byrne
Lyric says it all: "I'll trade you your potential mental illness, for my bad teeth."

Odorono, The Who
You MUST have the appropriate products to win yer man!

Pressure, David Bowie
THE song about pressure, as you know

Cleva, Erykah Badu
Erykah tells why she's fly even though nowadays her 'nannie's sag down low'

Imagine, Dizzie Rascal
Dizzie waxes poetic about the pressures/divides of estate (ghetto) life in the UK

Stressed Out
, A Tribe Called Quest
Just what it says. An anthem to keep on keepin'

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Mix Tape - Stress

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