BitchTapes: The Queens of Swedish Pop

There's lots of great music being made by ladies in Sweden right now. If your knowledge of Swedish pop doesn't extend beyond ABBA, I think you're in for a nice surprise.

1. Fever Ray - Fever Ray
Electronic wonder! Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife.

2. Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance

3. Robyn - Fembot
Robyn took over popular radio stations in the US while I was in elementary school. Remember "You've Got That Somethin"? So. good. I'm glad she's still making music.

4. Sally Shapiro - Love in July

5. Taken by Trees - My Boys (Animal Collective Cover)
This is definitely one of those covers that is better than the original. No offense, Animal Collective, but Victoria Bergsman is a musical genius.

6. El Perro Del Mar - Somebody's Baby

7. Hari and Aino - A Considerate Kind of Home

8. Hellsongs - School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)
Again, a fantastic cover.

9. The Sweptaways featuring Jens Lekman - Happiness Will Be My Revenge
The Sweptaways is a 30-woman choir who sing pop songs while in color-coordinated and thematic costumes.

10. Frida Hyvönen - Birds

11. First Aid Kit - Winter is All Over You
Wonderful sister-produced folk.

12. The Concretes - On the Radio

13. Club 8 - Closer Now

Who'd I forget? Leave your Swedish favorites in the comments!

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KOMEDA! Lena Karlsson has a


Lena Karlsson has a great voice and the melodies are SO catchy:

Hooray for the Fever Ray

Hooray for the Fever Ray mention! Her music makes my world. Before she and her brother did The Knife, she was part of this short-lived indie pop group called Honey is Cool that I also cannot recommend enough. :)

Säkert! is the queen of

Säkert! is the queen of swedish pop. As Säkert! she sings in swedish, as Hello Saferide in english. Shes great!

Of course!

I can't believe I forgot her. I absolutely love the song "My Best Friend" by Hello Saferide. Thanks for the mention.

Ashley McAllister, Director of Campus & Community Programs

Jenny Wilson

Fantastic voice!

Jenny Wilson - Like A Fading Rainbow

Jenny Wilson - Let my shoes lead me forward

Jenny Wilson - Pass the salt

Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair

First Floor Power - We are the people

The Knife Feat. Jenny Wilson - You Take My Breath Away (The line: "In first row of a first floor power show" is a reference to Jenny Wilsons Band First Floor Power)

Robyn and Jenny Wilson covers List of Demands after 30 min of working with eachother.

Maybe not a queen yet...

but definitely crown princess - Amy Diamond

at an age of 18 she has now released her first(!) Greatest Hits.

New song from that album - Ready To Fly

Amy Diamond - more song tips (noticed your mission statement :-)