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BitchTapes: The Media is the Message

Luddites beware!
For my first BitchTapes as the resident New Media Intern, it seemed only appropriate that my to compile some of my favorite songs about just that: media and technology! Radio, video, video killing the radio star, it's all here... not to mention Neil Young with with a vocoder! 

1. Roberto Cacciapaglia- Media

2. The Slits- FM

3. The Buggles- Video Killed the Radio Star

4. DAT Politics- V.I.D.E.O. Tape

5. Bruce Haack- Electric to me Turn

6. Depeche Mode- Dreaming of Me

7. Paul Simon- Kodachrome

8. Neil Young- Computer Cowboy (Syschrusher)

9. Le Tigre- Get Off the Internet

10. Delta 5- Circuit 


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21 songs about hating the radio


Interesting selection, Katie, a lot of unknown artists to me, i´ve heard only three of them before. By the way, nice plugin to make your "homemade tape" online.

you forgot "All of my idols

you forgot "All of my idols are dead" by Killola